The author of two book series won't reveal her real name. Instead, she'll have a pen name. She wants to become a future author when she leaves for college! 

The first book series:Edit

  • It is about five teenagers who are the best of friends and band together to solve crimes and mysteries. Dangers, injuries, and adventures await in these books ("Death Spies"). 
  • One of the five teenagers in the series, named Trixie, is a tomboy!
  • Several of the books are based on survival (like, getting shipwrecked) 

The second book series: Edit

  • Around 15 titles have been thought up so far, including a Christmas special! 
  • The books are about different girls' points of veiw of how their life goes and the decisions they make. 
  • The author has read about the French film "Tomboy" and also reading stories on a website called "Tomboy Stories." 

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