Meet the girls of the new, upcoming book series!

Jennifer Farewell:Edit

Jennifer is a girl in her early teenage years. She has a BFF named Lori, who has a male friend called Leo. Jennifer has earned the nickname "Rainbow Girl", because of her obsession with the colours of the rainbow. She is poorly graded at school (she recieves F grades for her Art work). And when she moves to a new school, Jennifer decides to change things; thus causing her to become a tomboy!

Boys' name: Jackson

Danielle Coax:Edit

Danielle is a MASSIVE tomboy, known throughout her neighborhood and school. She is best friends with boys --some of which live near her-- and plays sports, having fun in and outside of the classroom and being cheeky at times. But in her spare time, she is quiet and is found playing video games with her boy friends or reading books. 

Boys name: Denis. 

Catherine Woods:Edit

Catherine is a HUGE fan of football. She is seen playing in the drive way of her house, kicking or dribbling a football. Her bedroom has shelves which are FULL of trophies she's won at football tournaments, football magazines and autographs by famous footballers! When the school decides to let the boys have a go at the tournaments, Catherine's team drops out, which leaves her angry. So Catherine decides to make a change to herself and becomes increasingly desperate to join the all--boys team.

Boys name: Cooper. 

Amber Stennings:Edit

Amber loves famous boy bands (One Direction, Union J,) bright make -up and glittery jewelrhy. She is often seen weraring chunky, gold bangles and pearl earrings. She has two best friends, and the trio have fun together at school and home. But when her two friends leave her, Amber becomes distraught and makes change; thus transforming herself as a tomboy and calling herself Felix! 

Boys name: Felix. 

Milly Harrison:Edit

Milly has always wanted to be a boy at just age six. She calls herself Ryan and is often seen playing with boys. She (or rather "he") plays with guns and sometimes heads down to the shooting range to test out the new weapons. Her father and older brother both own guns, so "Ryan" and his mates are shooting down Coke cans balancing on the fence/wall or having wrestling competitions is the back garden. 

Boys name: Ryan. 

Eva Walker:Edit

After sick of being called "Pink Princess", Eva has changed her name three times (Oliver, Kyle, Jake) and is now called Zane, a kid who's often getting into scraps and into isolation. Eva named herself Zane a week after she started Year 10.

Boys name: Zane. 

Dakota Burns:Edit

She lives in Hawaii and is a young surfer. After school and during long, summer days, she rushes home to get changed into her wetsuit, before grabbing her surfboard and riding the waves at the local beach.

Diane--Jane Becks:Edit

She is the only female American in an all --boys' ice hockey team. Half of the boys in the team known that she's biologically a girl, but she goes by the name Dominic. 

Boys name: Dominic. 

Tess Newton:Edit

Tess is a young professional skateboarder, often down at the village skate park trying out new tricks or just messing about with her friends. She has one female friend, Lola, and four boy friends. She loves it when strangers or people at school ask her if she's a boy or not! 

Paige Forester:Edit

Paige used to totally love Christmas when she was a little girl. Now, in her teenage years, she finds it rather boring and unpredictable. She spends her time playing violent video games a week before Christmas and in the New Year. And when Paige and her younger siblings is sent off to stay wth their Aunt, Uncle and cousins for Christmas, Paige gets a few unexpected surprises there! 


  • Tess and Dakota are the only two girls in this series without boys' names! 

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