Tomboyish girl, Paige, stars in the Christmas special of Tomboy Diaries!


Paige Forester was estatic about Christmas when she was a young kid --decorating the tree, wrapping presents and celebrating New Year's Eve with her family! But now she's older, and doesn't think much about Christmas anymore. 

She prefers violent video games to boy band CDs and hoodies to dresses. But when her father has to spend the festive season doing work, sending Paige off to stay at her Aunt's house, she reckons she's in for a rubbish holiday... Until things take a turn and Paige begins to think about Christmas once more. 

Sneak peek info of the book:Edit

  • Paige's dad is a single parent, who cares for Paige and her five siblings in a small house. 
  • Paige rarely helps her Dad look over her siblings. 

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