2011 French film 'Tomboy' is about a 10 -year -old girl who moves to a new neighborhood during the summer, dresses as a boy and calls herself Michael to her new friends.  

Film plot:Edit

Laure is a ten year old settling into her new home in a surburban town outside Paris. With her tomboy ways, she looks likes a boy and wears boys clothing, so she presents herself as Michael to her new neighbour Lisa and the neighbourhood kids. 

Laure becomes used to being the opposite gender, learning how to spit, play football and even creates a penis out of Play-dough in order to go swimming with her new friends. Her little sister Jeanne soon finds out and wants to help, which Laure vows her sister not to speak a word to their parents about Laure passing herself off as a boy. However, Laure soon realises that her best friend Lisa has a crush on 'Michael'. They share a kiss and are seen dancing around Lisa's bedroom. But when Jeanne becomes hurt and 'Michael' gets into a fight, their mum finds out what's been going on when neighbours come knocking at their door. 

Laure's mother persaudes her daughter to wear a dress when they visit Lisa. Michael is seen running through the woods, until the kids and Lisa catch up with him. Laure is emotionally upset when the kids say that she's really a girl, not a boy, when Lisa pulls down her shorts to check. Laure admits to Lisa that she is biglogically a girl and that her real name is Laure. 


  • Some parts of the film plot come from different clips of the film online. Especially one video which shows Lisa and Laura dancing around Lisa's bedroom, while a different video on another website shows the pair kiss. 

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