I am a regular teen girl, except as I grew older, I had a few boy things inside me which were released! Here's a list: 

  • Four years ago, whenever I went round to my aunty's house, my cousins would be there. Well, it was just my two male cousins, who always wanted me to play with them. They are boys', so I was playing boys toys with them! And I didn't really mind then. 
  • When I was in Junior/Primary school, I was friends with a boy. We spoke to each other once in assembly, which ended up with me getting told off and sitting at front for the rest of the assembly. Since he left in Year 4, I haven't heard of/seen that boy since then. 
  • I'm used to being around boys nowadays. I reckon being friends with boys is easier for me!
  • I also wear tomboyish clothes, such as hoodies, jeans and trainers. They're more comfortable. 
  • I own CoD (Call of Duty) DS games, and I have played Black Ops 2 once. (Quite tricky, Black Ops 2, even though it was on easy mode) 

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